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Barry County Jail, Michigan Inmate Search

Barry County Jail, Michigan Inmate Search

The Barry County Jail, located at 1212 W STATE ST, is a correctional facility in Barry County, Michigan. This jail houses inmates from various counties and cities within the region. With a maximum capacity of 97 inmates, the Barry County Jail currently has 75 inmates in its custody. The inmate population consists of individuals from surrounding areas, contributing to the diverse makeup of the facility.





How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Barry County Jail, Michigan?

To find out if someone is in the Barry County Jail, you can access the jail records. The Barry County Sheriff's Office provides an online resource where you can search for inmates. By visiting http://www.barrycounty.org/sheriff_s/jail_corrections.php, you can access the inmate search feature. Additionally, you can contact the Barry County Jail directly at (269) 948-4804 for further information regarding an inmate's status.

How many inmates are in Barry County Jail

Currently, there are 75 inmates in the Barry County Jail.

About the Barry County Jail

The Barry County Jail is a correctional facility situated at 1212 W STATE ST. With a maximum capacity of 97 inmates, it serves as a crucial part of the county's law enforcement system. Presently, the jail houses 75 inmates, representing approximately 77.32% of its maximum capacity. The Barry County Jail plays a vital role in maintaining public safety and ensuring the proper custody and care of individuals within its walls.

Inmate Visitation in Barry County Jail

Visiting an inmate at the Barry County Jail requires adhering to certain requirements. Visitors must follow the guidelines set by the jail administration to ensure a safe and secure environment. To initiate a visit, it is advisable to conduct a prisoner search to confirm the inmate's location within the facility. Visitors are encouraged to review the rules and regulations for visitation, which can be found at http://www.barrycounty.org/sheriff_s/jail_corrections.php.

How to Send Money to An Inmate in Barry County Jail, Michigan

Sending money to an inmate at the Barry County Jail is possible through two methods. Firstly, you can conveniently send money online by following the instructions provided on the official website at http://barryco.readyhosting.com/sheriff/jail.htm. Alternatively, you may choose to send money via mail to the address 1212 W STATE ST, Barry County Jail, Michigan, 49058. These options ensure that inmates have access to funds for their essential needs while incarcerated.

What is the official website of Barry County Jail in Michigan?

The official website of the Barry County Jail in Michigan is http://barryco.readyhosting.com/sheriff/jail.htm.

What is the phone number of Barry County Jail in Michigan?

The phone number for the Barry County Jail in Michigan is (269) 948-4804.


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